Most popular heroes who played Independent Movement Martyrs

Aug. 10, 2018, 5:43 p.m.

 The Independence Day of India is celebrated with great fervour all across the country on the 15th of August every year. The day holds tremendous ground in the list of national days, since it reminds every Indian about the dawn of a new beginning, the beginning of an era of deliverance from the clutches of British colonialism of more than 200 years. On the 15th August 1947, India was declared independent from British colonialism, and the reins of control were handed over to the leaders of the Country. India's gaining of independence was a tryst with destiny, as the struggle for freedom was a long and tiresome one. The movement witnessed sacrifices of many freedom fighters, who laid down their lives on the line.

Therefore, as India is all set to celebrate its 72nd Independence Day, let us take a look at the actors who portrayed freedom fighters on the big screen:

1) Shammi Kapoor as Bhagat Singh: The highly popular revolutionary Bhagat Singh has inspired many filmmakers over the years to bring his life on the silver screen. Shammi Kapoor highlighted the great era of revolutionary and martyr Bhagat Singh on silver screen in the 1963 film, ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’.2) Manoj Kumar as Bhagat Singh: An actor known for his patriotic roles, Manoj Kumar also known as Bharat Kumar played the role of Bhagat Singh in the 1965 film ‘Shaheed’. 'Shaheed' was the first in a series of several patriotic films starring Manoj Kumar. It was followed by films like 'Upkar', 'Purab Aur Paschim' and 'Kranti'. Some of the songs in the film like "Ai Vatan Ai Vatan Hamko Teri Kasam" and "Pagadi Sambhaal Jattaa", etc. are chart buster. 

3) Prem Chopra as Sukhdev: Prem Chopra became popular for his villainous roles. Later on he played the role of Sukhdev in 1965 film ‘Shaheed’. Sukhdev Thapar was a young Indian revolutionary, who sacrificed his life to achieve freedom. 

4) Paresh Rawal as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Biopic on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel life titled ‘Sardar’ was released in the year 1999. The movie has actor Paresh Rawal in the lead role. He played the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was one of India's greatest freedom fighters.

5) Raj Babbar as Udham Singh: Udham Singh was an Indian revolutionary best known for assassinating Michael O'Dwyer on 13 March 1940. Actor Raj Babbar played the role of this brave Sikh revolutionary in 'Udham Singh'.

6) Naseeruddin Shah as Mahatma Gandhi: Naseeruddin Shah played perfectly the role of Mahatma Gandhi in Kamal Haasan's Hey Ram. The film highlighted the confusion faced by the would-be assassins of Gandhi in the turmoil of post-partition India.

7) Shailendra Gaur as Veer Damodar Savarkar: Veer Damodar Savarkar has great place in the history of struggle for Indian Independence. He was a Hindu scholar and a brave revolutionary. 'Veer Savarkar' released in 2001 starring Shailendra Gaur in the lead role.

8) Sonu Sood as Bhagat Singh: 'Shaahed-E-Azam' was released in 2002. In the same year, two other movies on Bhagat Singh were also released named '23rd March 1931: Shaheed' and 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh'. 'Happy New Year' star Sonu Sood played the protagonist Bhagat Singh in 'Shaahed-E-Azam'.

9) Ajay Devgn as Bhagat Singh: Ajay Devgn had won the National award for his portrayal of Bhagat Singh in the film 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh'. The film was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The film depicted the story of a young revolutionary Bhagat Singh who raised an armed resistance against the British rule in India.

10) Bobby Deol as Bhagat Singh: The revolutionary and martyr of Indian freedom struggle Bhagat Singh was portrayed by actor Bobby Deol as well. The film titled '23rd March 1931: Shaheed' was released in the year 2002 with Bobby Deol in the lead role playing Shaheed Bhagat Singh.