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Divya Dutta's godly affair 



The versatile actress Divya Dutta had always marked a strong appearance with her roles in all her films. Whether we talk about Delhi 6 or Baghban, she always has managed to mark her own strong spot.


With a busy schedule ahead the actress has some big films in her hand like Hisss, Bhansali productions' My Friend Pinto, Amole Gupte's Stanley Ka Dhaba and a few more in pipeline. Apart of her dedicated efforts, there seems to be another reason that has brought her such a long way. Divya who hails from Punjab, has always been inclined towards acting since her school and college days.


During those days only, she had visited the Golden Temple like many others in Amritsar and tied the holy ribbon to a wish tree there, popularly called 'Dukh Bhanjani Ber'. It is believed that if one has a wish to be fulfilled, the person can visit the temple and with pure divinity tie the holy ribbon to a branch of the tree and the wish comes true. And after the wish comes true, one has to come back and untie any ribbon from the tree. Thus Divya had also wished to be a successful actress one day and here she is.


But Divya hasn't untied her wish ribbon yet as the actress is not able to take out time from her hectic schedule and couldn't visit the Golden Temple since years. But the almighty. But to her surprise the almighty whom she believes in immensely, gave her a reminder to pay back the dues. Divya got a dream about the Wish Tree recently and it was not just a normal dream but a kind of a show reel for Divya, portraying her journey till date. The dream brought the forgotten memories alive and Divya has decided that on her upcoming birthday, she will visit the Temple no matter what and untie the ribbon and thank god for all the success in life.


Visiting the Golden Temple on her birthday will be the biggest gift for her, expresses the bubbly actress. And she gives all the credit of her success to the almighty saying that the superpower has always been around me, showing me the way with a search light guiding me of wrong and rights always.