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About E-24

E24, the Channel

E24 would be the country’s premiere entertainment channel, targeted at all avid Bollywood fans, which in itself makes it non-specific to a particular age group.

E24 is the latest feather in the cap of B.A.G Films’ media division Broadcast24 – under whose aegis News24 and Dhamaal 24 were successfully launched in 2007.

E24 will benefit from the well-established distribution network as well as the news gathering infrastructure of its older sibling, News 24. The mandate for E24 is speed, accuracy and authenticity in reporting, while retaining the mystique and romance of all things Bollywood.

E24’s editorial and creative teams are powered by top-of-the-line television professionals, with years of training and experience.

The sets for E24 are contemporary in look and a functional combination of live + 3D sets that form an integral part of the programming and are in sync with the shows, rather than lending pure aesthetic value. The designs reflect the glamour, glitz and romance that embody the entertainment world, and make it come alive in an intelligent manner, devoid of unnecessary sensationalism, using the platform of news delivery.

E24 is window of opportunity for a 24/7 credible representation of tinsel town, that Bollywood has so far lacked in India. Cable operators can download E24 from Satellite INSAT 4A, Frequency 4134 Mhz, FEC ¾, Polarization Horizontal, Symbol Rate 10600 ksps and Service Name E24. The channel will also be available across other delivery platforms, such as DTH, mobile TV and web streaming.

B.A.G Films and Media Limited

B.A.G Films & Media Limited, one of the leading content creator powerhouses in India, was incorporated to explore new opportunities in Electronic and Multimedia Industry with a vision to raise fundamentals of TV software development to a higher level in an environment that fosters creativity. One of the oldest and most reputed establishments of the country, B.A.G Films & Media Limited has provided quality service since 1993 and has a rich footage of over 50,000 hours of programming in news, chat shows, current affairs, entertainment, soaps, audience based shows, film based shows & infotainment and thus far boasts of having ‘bagged’ awards from RAPA, Indian Telly Awards, among others. B.A.G Films & Media Limited is now extending its 360 degrees approach to their diversification plan – encompassing TV, radio, animation, media training and production.

Managing Director, Ms. Anurradha Prasad

Ms Anurradha Prasad is the Managing Director of B.A.G Films & Media Ltd. According to her: “E 24 is an entertainment channel with a focus on tinsel-town, which in itself would spawn an all-new genre in the cluttered TV scenario. It combines the need of the audiences, nationwide and international, for the latest credible updates on their favorite stars, movies, glamour world happenings, star lifestyles - and presents a perfect opportunity for a dynamic organization like ours”

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